Welcome to my personal page!

I am Quentin, associate professor at Polytechnique Montréal (engineering school associated to University of Montreal) in the department of computer engineering and software engineering. I am also a regular member of CIRRELT, member of the association for constraint programming, IVADO researcher, affiliate member of MILA, and researcher at the IMC2 institute. I also lead the CORAIL research group, that I co-founded with Louis-Martin Rousseau.

Prior to that, I was a a post-doctoral IVADO fellow at Polytechnique Montréal, where I worked with Louis-Martin Rousseau and as a research intern at ElementAI (acquired by ServiceNow). I obtained my Ph.D. in 2017 from UCLouvain, and was supervised by Pierre Schaus.

Research Interests

My research interests are in artifical intelligence, particularly in the areas of constraint progamming, machine learning and combinatorial optimization. My goal is to develop decision-making tools able to leverage different aspects of artificial intelligence to perform better decisions. I use these methods to solve real problems arising frequently in various industrial fields such as transportation, logistics, or healthcare.

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Prix Méritas (Polytechnique Montréal - 2024) [link]
  • Best paper award (ACP - 2022) [link, paper]
  • Discovery grant (NSERC - 2022) [link]
  • Prix Méritas (Polytechnique Montréal - 2022) [link]
  • Postdoctoral research funding (IVADO - 2018) [link]
  • Student paper contest third prize (IEEE Region 8 - 2015) [link]
  • Best master thesis in IEEE field (UCLouvain IEEE student branch - 2014) [link]